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Pipe spiral several issues should be noted that the selection of heat exchanger
Jul 16, 2016

Pipe spiral heat exchanger tube, shell pressure can be any combination, given the pressure tube type and nominal pressure shell is to determine the maximum allowable working pressure should be in the look-up table 6-13, or the maximum allowable working pressure has been, obtained under the nominal design temperature chosen according to table 6-13. The design pressure is generally not less than the maximum allowable working pressure. For example: Model WBH600-2.5 / 1.6-39 ~ QX, represents the tube, shell nominal pressure are 2.5MPa and 1.6MPa, if its tube design temperature of 150 ℃, shell design temperature of 250 ℃, the tube Cheng maximum allowable working pressure of 2.45MPa, shell maximum allowable working pressure 2.23MPa, at this desirable tube design pressure of 2.5MPa, the shell design pressure of 2.4MPa.

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