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Spiral Ribbed Tube Heat Exchanger Technology
Jul 16, 2016

Helical thread and tube heat exchanger is a new energy-efficient heat transfer equipment, heat transfer equipment the domestic industry technical updates slower, longer replacement cycle, the manufacturers generally invest in technology research and development is low, the manufacturers in the products are mostly imitate each other, resulting in product homogeneity is more prominent. Here we look at the specific helical thread and tube heat exchanger technology What are the advantages:

1, the screw thread and tube heat exchanger biggest feature comes from its ultra-high heat transfer coefficient, and can be 2-3 times that of conventional shell and tube heat exchanger, along with better energy efficiency, with the traditional shell and tube compared to the heat exchanger, saving more than 10%.

2, the outside also changed the image of the traditional extensive heat exchangers, shell from the barrel to the flange, all made of stainless steel material, the outer surface of the heat exchanger do mirror polished, greatly improved aesthetics.

3, it also benefits from its size and weight fraction of the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger, the installation process is no longer required sophisticated tools and lifting equipment, labor to complete.

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